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  • Big Data
    With the introduction of digital technology and other innovations, the pace of life is growing rapidly. And today for successful business it is necessary to process huge amounts of information. The term “Big data” has come into use not only IT specialists. A person is simply not able to cope with this information flow. Modern devices that provide data collection, data accumulation and processing, event identification, their classification, etc. come to the rescue. The processing technologies of huge data arrays (Big DATA) ensure the use of predictive (predictive or predictive) analytics
  • Mobile Apps for Executive Boards
    In the West, solutions have been developed and used for quite a long time, ensuring a significant increase in the efficiency of joint work of company owners and members of such collegial bodies as the Board of Directors, corporate committees, management boards, etc. business. Given the rapid changes occurring in the domestic business environment, such decisions are becoming commonplace with us. The actual task is to learn how to work effectively with them.
  • Visualization
    Recently, much attention has been paid to the presentation of digital information in a form that facilitates its perception, processing, understanding and memorization by man. A large role in this process is played by computer visualization, which is of particular importance in connection with the development of contactless control of equipment, production processes and household operations. It is precisely with the solution of the problem of the maximum visualization of digital information that the possibility of the explosive development of many innovative technologies in production,
  • Virtual Reality
    With the development of digital information visualization, solutions are closely associated with helping to create virtual reality in 3D. ·         Moreover, the volume visualization from the sphere of entertainment is becoming more and more successful in various sectors of the real economy, the social sphere, the services industry, etc.·          In construction, architecture and design the opportunity to visually present the results of the project.·         Succ
  • Predictive Analytics
    Processing large arrays of data using various mathematical models allows you to create a kind of "time machine" that gives you the opportunity to "look into the future." This process is called predictive analytics. Sometimes it is called "predictive" or "predictive." On the basis of the forecasts obtained, the business gets the opportunity to anticipate the behavior of potential consumers and enter the market with relevant offers. The list of areas in which predictive analytics is applied is very extensive, it includes, in particular, politics, military art, educational systems, etc.
  • Online Reputation Management
    In the modern world, success depends on the image of the company no less than on successful management. Reputational losses are often worse than financial losses. Therefore, today great attention is paid to the creation of a “company face”, primarily on the Internet. Tools category Online Reputation Management (online reputation management) allows you to quickly track the company's image on the network and take effective measures to manage it. Reputation management on the Internet should be an ongoing process, not a reaction to the occurrence of force majeure situations that lead to a d
  • Mobile Payments
    The world in which we live is changing literally in the eyes of one generation. It seems that only yesterday payment cards entered our life. And today, they are confidently calculated in the stores not only students, but also pensioners. Today we are ready to resolutely abandon not only physical money, but also plastic. A modern smartphone, among other things, can also become a convenient wallet. At the same time, it is much more efficient and reliable to protect our funds from loss and intruders. Perhaps in the foreseeable future, mobile payments will replace all other types of payment
  • Human Resource Planning & Management
    Modern business conditions force companies when planning resources not only to be guided by current needs, but also to take into account business development prospects. This fully applies to such an important resource as a skilled workforce. Given the ever-increasing costs of training workers, the effective management of HR processes is becoming increasingly important. Today, computer technologies allow optimizing them at all levels, from shift planning to the formation of a staff for the future, taking into account the need for training.
  • E-learning
    With the development of digital technology, the education system has undergone dramatic changes. Remote access to information and educational programs allows you to learn from virtually anywhere. Mobile technology has brought educational opportunities online to near perfection. From now on there is no need to spend long hours in the classroom, you can plan the time allocated for training yourself. Modern services that perform online testing, allow you to control knowledge more effectively than on the usual exams. The only problem is the backlog of legislation from the distance education
  • Blockchain
    At its core, the blockchain is a chain of information-containing blocks arranged according to certain rules. Its peculiarity is that one block may be the previous one for any number of subsequent ones. In other words, the chain can branch out infinitely. At the same time, getting access to any of the blocks, a person may not know about the presence of other branches. For the first time, blockchain technology was used in the Bitcoin system. It can serve as a basis for building decentralized business platforms in almost all areas.
  • Innovation Center
    The main task of the innovation center is systematic work with start-ups and all promising new ideas. At its core, it is intended to become a single integrating body for working with innovations, so that the synergy of all start-ups, operating companies and government agencies work for success. It is assumed that the center of innovation will offer both its own solutions and those borrowed from the market. But all of them will be supported by independent expertise and assessment of specialists. In this way, it will be possible to combine the inherent flexibility of start-ups and the de
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